Thursday, December 29, 2011

a solid sheet of ice

 Don't be fooled by the lack of snow, this parking lot is a solid sheet of ice.  Actually, the guy from the upper parking lot warned me.  Told me that the only way to get across it was to walk around it on the grass.  Below is evidence of where my feet slid out from under me!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


 Sledding hill still ready and waiting ...
 What used to be too wet and muddy to walk across is now turning to ice.
 The creek is rushing with all the rainwater, not yet frozen.
 Jubilee seems to know that snow is special, and she delights in it.
 I love the grey lighting with just a hint of sunshine coming through.
 Mud turned to icy slush.
Well, there is some snow today, but not much.  It is only 20 degrees and there was a lot of rain yesterday so that there are shiny black places on the road that made me uneasy with driving.  But I have my new tires on my car, and things seem to be fine.  (No one else seems concerned.)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

xmas weekend 2011

 We have decided that this is our LAST trip across the state of Pennsylvania.  It was 34 degrees when we left, colder in the mountains, and spitting snow.
 But by the time we got to the Delaware Water Gap, the sun was out and it was warming up considerably.
Great view of NYC from the GW Bridge.  Traffic seemed light, and we took the "lower level".  We hit some snarled traffic once we got over the bridge, but made it in time for dinner at Posto 22 in New Rochelle.
Wonderful  antipasta and tri-colore salad. 
 We finally met Jeff and loved him!
 From here we readjusted to apartment living - (above) walking in basement garage, and (below) the rickety old elevator.
 Jubilee gets in and faces the back corner until she realizes that everyone else is facing front.
 And we take our walks over to the CNR ...
 On Christmas Eve morning the sunrise created a lovely glow in the windows of the chapel.
 Some of the trees have these HUGE buds on them ...
 And the houses of the neighborhood.  On the right is the one (with the ferris wheel in the window) that I obsess over ...
 Stone walls ...
 Then around the corner and back to the Ramsey ...
 Another door to get through ...
 Jubilee made the best of of life in the apartment.
 Some more of the lovely things that are every where around;  all things that Ooma has found as bargains in tag sales.
 We made it over to Scarsdale to see Minnie, Mia and Mary Lou.  This is Minnie's gingerbread house.
 What are these people doing?  Why, watching the Giants-Jets game, of course.  I saw that run by Victor Cruz and am now a fan!
 Blessed Sacrament Church on Christmas Day ...
 Christopher with the extraordinary Christmas Day antipaste!
 The entire antipasta spread ...
 Chestnuts ...
 All of us ...
 The cannolli and spooyadels.
 and more ...
 The GW Bridge as we crossed back over it (for the last time for awhile).  Traffic was light and it was all easy.  Got much colder as we headed west.  Snow today!