Saturday, April 24, 2010

ready to roll?

I don't know if this next adventure is ready to roll or not.

There was phone interview and then a verbal offer of a job for John.  Then there were a few days of haggling about money and health insurance.  That haggling is still going on, we think.  Nothing has come in writing yet.

But we are getting in gear, priming up.  John has been fixing the sprinklers so that they'll work while we are away.  Cars are as ready as they'll ever be.  We're sort of making plans.  Like, I want to bring my bicycle this time.

But we're holding back a bit too.  Until the word comes in writing and a day to report to work is set, well, we just don't want to get our hopes up.  We're getting used to thinking that something might happen, and then realizing that it won't.

As an act of hope, I'm getting the blog set up, ready to roll.


  1. We'll see E. Antonio. Thanks for stopping by!