Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I'm way behind on my posting - still not finished with the KY trip and John has some fish photos he wants up - but I wanted to put up this sweet photo of Jubilee that I got yesterday morning.
Jubilee is doing pretty well with her allergies on this return to the Florida grasses.  I have a good drug (Temeril-P) that I got from the dog allergy doctor, and it seems to be doing the trick.  I upped the dosage when we got back here, and have already pulled her back to 1 pill a day.  Eventually I need to wean her off - she didn't need it at all in PA.

I even think that her eyes are better.  She doesn't fall in the pool anymore.  The vets say that she has lost 90% of her vision in both eyes, but she seems to be getting around pretty well.  We have decided against getting the cataract surgery for now.

Meanwhile, I am busy, busy, busy with all the people needing computer help!

A recounting of Jubilee's return to Florida 2 years ago is HERE.  Big difference.


  1. Such a great improvement! Glad you have specialists dealing with his allergies. I have put my boys on a rabbit/pork and rabbit regimen to see if it helps Humphrey so he doesn't scratch so much. I do notice a little less eye goop lately. If he scratches less when winter comes, I'll know with reasonable certainly that he's sensitive to chicken.

    1. Good luck,Barbara, with Humphrey. It is really encouraging when something seems to be working!