Wednesday, June 12, 2013

fotos from a rainy week

Good days for movie at the Mos'art and reading on the back porch ...
 (re-reading "The Power of Now" - Eckart Tolle)
Unexpected visit to the dentist (ugh)
 the way to the dentist ...
 Friends at church ...
 Maureen talks to the TV cameras ...
While the activists publicly oppose the public killing that is being done by the state of Florida.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ladies at lunch and other matters

 Sandy and I ventured downtown today.  There was a rare siting of the sun - it has been overcast and rainy for well over a week now.
 We went to the Norton Art Gallery to see the Doris Duke collection of Islamic art and an exhibit of Annie Lebowitz portraits. 
 We lunched in Palm Beach at Nick and Johnnies (the old Chuck and Harold's) - a good place for a lunch salad, even if they were $17 each.  The ladies at the table next to us were having wine and playing cards!  They were regulars!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The roomba and the back yard

This is what I gave John for our 40th anniversary - a robot vacuum cleaner: the Roomba.  Since I hate to vacuum it's my favorite toy now.  Just turn it on and it goes all over, in the corners, under the tables, picking up stuff that had been there for years.  When it's finished, or about to run out of juice, it goes back to its "home", and recharges.  John is giving me a trip to New Mexico in the Fall.  Gifts are good.  I like to think of this anniversary as being a year-long thing.
 The flowers in the jungle of our back yard are quite different from the wild one growing in PA this time of year.
 Jubilee is slowly adjusting to her tropical home.  The steroids from the dog allergy doctor are helping somewhat, but her eyesight is deteriorating.  She gets around mostly by smell now, and doesn't venture too far from what she knows.