Sunday, April 28, 2013

nightly walk

Every night after supper we take a walk around the apartments.  These are some photos from last night.

The white trees are getting more green as the white blossoms blow away.  They look like either snow or those white circles that come from a "hole punch" as the blow.
 Another kind of tree up by the rabbit tree.
 Still some beginning budding happening ...
 ... while other trees are almost fully leafed.
 First sighting of a dogwood blossom.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

40th wedding anniversary

We were just children way back when we married, and somehow had our 40th wedding anniversary today.  A glorious day ... went to Jimmy Wan's for dinner ... wish I had a photo from 40 years ago to add to this.

the sunken garden trail

An amazingly beautiful spring day, early this morning we headed up to Moraine State Park for a hike around the sunken garden.  We had the trail to ourselves, then a picnic lunch at the lakeside.  Such a palpable quietness there.
 This is the sunken garden.
 This is the bridge that Jubilee fell off of.  Her eyesight is not good anymore and she can't seem to be able to judge distances.  Anyway, she enjoyed the swim.
 Full of stickers.  Jubilee is always interested in what I am photographing.  I was worried that she would walk across this and then we would have a lame dog to carry back to the car ...
 We could smell these "blossoms".

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Monday, April 22, 2013

the usual

 This is the more usual me - I've mostly moved from wearing a wig all the time to wearing a hat all the time (at least outside the house).  My hair is growing, but painfully slow (or so it seems).
 Jubilee getting some pats from the neighborhood girls.
 The buds are breaking out into full blown leaves, right before our eyes!  Before long the little stick forest will be lush.