Thursday, July 28, 2011

this and that, gearing up for a drive to KY

Some photos from the week.  We're leaving for Bardstown KY this weekend for Aunt Louise's 97th birthday party and the 25th Jubilee celebration of Harry Bill's ordination.  We are living now in a place that is exactly half way between where John grew up and where I grew up.

We made it to Aunt Louise's 94th party HERE, and to the 95th HERE.  (We missed the 96th, last summer).  We were at Harry Bill's ordination 25 years ago.  So it will be a fun weekend.  I'll take lots of pictures.
 Seeing more wildflowers this past week.
 (this is the sweet little bathroom at the Knob Hill Park.  It's closed during the winter.)
Why it's called "the woods"!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

yet another car show - PGH Vintage Car Show 2011

I apologize for all the photos, but there were so many cars there that I didn't know what to do other than take photos.  I had never even heard of many of the car-types.  I recognized many from my childhood, and those push button radios!
 That's me on the right; John must've taken this one.
Love the way the door open to the front!  I think I remember these cars ... 1957 BMW Fritta.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Lucky Paws Resort

Swimming pool just for dogs!  Lucky Paws Resort, less than 2 miles away.  That's where Jubilee will be staying when we go to NY in September for Eric's wedding.
Here's a video.  I really wish I'd kept my mouth shut.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Yes, it's hotter than Florida.   I saw 103 on a bank sign at about 1PM.  It reminded me of when we lived in Eastern Washington and I saw 114 on a bank sign.  I had never seen 114 before.  I'm not sure about the humidity, but it feels here now as hot as it felt there then.

I arrived in PA last summer at the beginning of July and it was very hot.  This is hotter.

Thank goodness we have air conditioning.  I wonder how those people without it are doing.  I wonder how long this heat will last.

Only one photo from the walk in the woods this morning ...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hug A Tree

Dunno, but it's the trees (and wood), both fallen and growing, that are most catching my attention on the morning walk with Jubilee.  It really is so odd and complex when you look at it.  And grows in strange ways, at least in these woods.  When you touch the fallen wood you sense that you know something but you can't express it.

And then there was this ...